Some important information:

Noise abatement procedures:

Szczecin Airport does not have any noise abatement

Runway physical characteristics:

13-31 (dimensions 2500×60 m, PCN 80 F/A/W/T. ASPH)

Additional information:

Szczecin Airport is not a coordinated aerodrome
Szczecin airport is phytosantiary crossing point

Rescue and fire fighting services:

Aerodrome category CAT 7 ICAO (CAT 9 ICAO O/R)
Rescue equipment – 3x firefighting and rescue vehicles,
rescue equipment


up to 2000 kg – 2pc
up to 8000 kg – 1 pc
up to 20 000 kg – 1 pc

MDM Loader – Trepel:

up to 15 000 kg lower platform (20 ft pallet)
up to 7000 kg upper platform; 565 cm maximum range

ULD Loader – Trepel:

Capacity up to 7000 kg
Maximum height of the front platform – 5310 mm
Maximum height of the main platform – 3650 mm

Well-trained cargo handling:

Full freight service ( warehouse-apron-ramp-aircraft)

Cargo handling personnel certificates:

Basic Cargo IATA
Live Animal Regulations IATA
Perishable regulations IATA
The entire cargo personnel have the following DGR permissions in  accordance with applicable regulations IATA

Szczecin Aiport never sleeps

Cargo Terminal Szczecin-Goleniów


  • Modern warehouse and production complex.
  • Office and social space
  • Convenient connection to the S6 and S3 routes
  • Distance 30 km from Szczecin.
  • The location is perfect for multimodal transport – air and wheeled.

Technical Specifications

  • Modern warehouse: class A
  • High storage: 10 m
  • Dust-free floor with continuous load >5 t/m2
  • Modern handling equipment
  • X-ray equipment for air cargo control
  • Security systems including explosive trace detector
  • Access to the airport apron

Contact details: / +48 691 388 150