Szczecin-Goleniów Airport provides a variety of advertising space including:

  • Light boxes of different sizes
  • city light
  • windows to place your advertisement (entrances/ exists- departures/arrivals terminal ; entrnaces/ exists to/from departure and
  • arrival launches)
  • floor in passenger terminal hall
  • seats in departure launch (stickers)
  • space for advertising stands
  • Leaflets for passengers
  • product sampling
  • advertising at boarding passes
  • large-size outdoor advertisements
  • advertising structures of 12 x 3 m and 6 x 3 m
  • light post
  • land to install outdoors of various sizes
  • Possibility of advertising at the website of

It is possible to advertise on the website

All information concerning advertising in the passenger terminal, airport and website provides:
Marketing and Development Department